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Wine Tasting Packages

At Vinea we host a range of treats not normally associated with your average wine bar. Wine tasting evenings and events are getting more and more popular as people wish to expand their wine knowledge and we offer a variety of tasting packages to suit all tastes.

We've got everything from a quick, half-hour introduction to wine tasting, right through to a comprehensive six bottle event.

Check out the choices for our wine tastings below or click on our events link for our up and coming events.

We also run a variety of educational courses from our six week wine course to the WSET Levels 2 and 3 qualifications suitable for those with basic or little wine knowledge through to the more experienced wine lover.


What you need to know:

Once you've bought your tasting online, you'll need to contact us to arrange a date/time. We do need a minimum of 24 hours notice to ensure we've got availability and a member of staff available to do the tasting. If there's a specific day you'd like, please try to book as early as possible, particularly of a weekend we can get quite busy.

Please arrive promptly for your tasting, anything more than 15 minutes late and we may not be able to go ahead with the tasting. This is really important for bigger groups or weekend bookings. We're not being mean, but want to keep things fair for everyone.

With that in mind, if you fancy a bite to eat, before your tasting, please let us know when you book, so that we can allocate adequate time for you to enjoy your visit.

Book ONLINE below now to avoid disappointment! For further information or to book via the bar, call 0151 7078962 or e-mail info@vinealiverpool.co.uk 

We don't send out vouchers for tastings, but if it's for a gift and you'd like one sending, please tell us on the order form in the notes section.

Vouchers expire after 18months. 12 months for Cheese and Wine tasting package.


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