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We're proud to say that we're free to hire for a private event. However, we've got a few house rules:


  • We do ask for a £200 deposit. That's to confirm your booking, but also to guard against any breakages, damage, or theft. Obviously we hope none of those things will happen, and that we can give you back your deposit once we've checked everything is okay. We'll refund it the same way you paid it, so if that's by card, you might need to give it a couple of days to arrive back in your account.


  • For exclusive use of the bar, we need a minimum of 65 guests. Any less than that on the night and we will keep your deposit and open the doors to the public.


  • For smaller parties up to 30 guests, we can give you half the bar, but we'll need a minimum of 20 guests.


  • You're free to bring balloons, photos, banners or other decorations to make the party yours. We don't allow table-top confetti or glitter, for health and safety reasons (think eyes!) and because it's a nightmare to get rid of for our other customers the day after.


  • While we're on the subject of decorations, please note we do not have storage space at the bar. If you want to bring things with you, we'd appreciate it if you left it as late as possible. We can't be responsible for keeping decorations safe.


  • Let them (and us!) eat cake. By all means bring confectionary, and if you want to eat it on the night we can slice/dice under your supervision. Our knives can only be used by our trained kitchen ninjas.


  • We don't allow you to bring any other food. We've got an extensive - not to mention delicious - selection of hot and cold nibbles for even the fussiest eater. You should receive a copy with this booking form, but if not get in touch. If there's something you can't party without (cheese and pineapple hedgehog anyone?) please let us know.


  • In terms of music, we've got access to Spotify, and you're welcome to use ours if you haven't got your own account. We've also got a connection for an iPod (or other mp3) if you want to bring that, too. You're more than welcome to have live music, but as we don't have a PA system, you'll need to make sure they bring all their own equipment. We're also considerate neighbours, so we'll keep an eye on raucous noise in the early hours.


  • Speaking of early hours, call last orders at 12 midnight, and means we have to have the bar closed and vacated by 1AM.


  • For large wine tasting bookings over 15 we do ask for a £100 deposit. The deposit will be lost if the party is over 45mins late, does not show or cancels without 24hours notice.


If you'd like to go ahead with your booking, please can you phone/email us with the following:


Date/time of event, number of guests, and a contact phone number

and we can get the (glitter) ball rolling!



Wine Assistant

Type in what you want ie "Red Wine" or a food match such as "fish" and let our wine assistant suggest a perfect wine match for your search.